Top Nine Qualities Customers Really Want From Their Contractor

Learning about what customers really want will help you to become a top handyman or home services contractor. There are two additional traits that customers really want from their home services professional. To learn about the two other traits, please purchase a copy of the guide.

What Customers Really Want

The handyman/home improvement business is, above all, a customer service business. Remember that each customer is different, and will have different needs and wants. Demonstrating that you are trying to accommodate each customer will benefit both you and your customer.

The following is a list of what most customers are looking for in hiring a handyman, remodeler, trades, general contractor, or other professional home service professional:

Punctuality. If you say you are going to arrive at the job site at 9:30 a.m., be there by 9:25 a.m. If you are unavoidably delayed due to traffic or other circumstances, call immediately and let your customer know. I can’t emphasize this point enough. It is often the downfall of handyman and other home service businesses.

Cleanliness. After you finish your project, clean up after yourself. A broom and dustpan, sponge, paper towels, and shop-vac are just as important as your other tools. If you had to move furniture or other items to complete your project, put them back in place.

Courtesy. If someone leaves you a voice message or email, make a habit of responding within one business day. Customers, like all of us, appreciate prompt and courteous responses.

Honesty. If you don’t know how to do a project or can’t answer a question, then say so upfront. Customers will appreciate your honesty, and you may end up saving time and money for both yourself and the customer.

Value. It is critical for customers to feel that you offer good value and good service for the price you charge.

Options. There may be a number of different ways to accomplish a repair or improvement. Inform your customers about their available options and prices.

Opinions. If a customer asks your opinion on something, offer it honestly. You can always say something like, “This may not be my favorite paint color, but I am not the one who will be enjoying the room once it’s painted.”

Expert knowledge. Customers are turning to you for your knowledge and experience. Think about the big picture of this job. Most customers will appreciate your analyzing and recommending options that will work for the long-term and not simply address the simple task at hand.

Up-front pricing. Customers want to know what a project will cost them before you start. Offer accurate estimates. If you suspect there are potential extra costs, explain them to the customer before you start the project. Avoiding surprises is important. If a problem arises after a job begins, immediately let the customer know and explain the situation and your solution, including the additional cost and length of time it will take to complete.

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